International Elevated Thought Conference



Technology Disruptive Technologies


Mission: To reconstitute new and old technologies that are designed to benefit humanity.



While there are thousands of cutting edge technologies that are being introduced every day, many of these technologies in almost every category are lost and past over because not all of them can be monetized to the fullest. The technologies that we want to focus on are the ones that would be classified as lifestyle technologies.  These technologies for our interest will be the ones that allow the everyday common family to save money on everyday expenses. Techs that address the energy needs of the household, technologies that allow for better and less expensive communications and technologies that enhance the health, wellness, safety and fitness of people in general.   These technologies can also include sexier techs like transportation and entertainment.



This is a good time to talk about money and the many opportunities for associated or partner companies. We foresee the opportunity for investors to invest in cutting edge technologies at the development, intermediate and launch phases of the product cycle.  Investors that partner with or supports charity projects can also benefit from our built in marketing and international communications apparatus.



One of the things that makes the International Elevated Thought Conference unique is that it actually will work with other charities to assist in their development, streamline operations and maximize their charitable impact. While we work with charity after charity, schools, businesses and other institutions, we build a larger and larger network that is then invited to support these other organizations doing good things. While many other charities spend most of their time raising money and promoting their existence. We endeavor to spend our time spreading the technologies and systems that help the world by building one of the world’s largest charitable networks and empowering them to help their family, friends and neighbors with information we provide.



International Elevated Thought Conference 2017