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Social Disruptive technologies


Mission: Our mission is to provide a platform for organizations to mobilize and move their own communities toward a new

                and revitalized state.

Social  renewal


Urban Sprawl, family finances, community banking and social justice are all areas of interest of the conference. We want to rebuild abandoned and devastated communities globally.  There are untold reasons why communities fail. In todays world we have changing geo-political scenarios like the fall of Apartheid in south Africa, or the devastation of Earthquakes in Chili, or the recent floods in Houston Texas.  With our ever changing  Environment coastal cities will see more and more flooding like in Miami and in Indonesia, and local politics have always played a part in the rise and fall of community development.

The difference that we are interested in making, begins with the development of  a development platform the can be replicated and adjusted for both rural and urban communities, both city and mountainous regions.


While fallen cities are often thought of as areas where the poor live. Whenever, you are talking about the combined GDP of an entire community the individual wealth and resources that leave is substantial at any level.



In the rebuilding of neighborhoods we are asked where the people will come from.  Our answer is simple. They come from the same places that they all come from, everywhere. Every year areas all over the world are devastated by natural disaster's,  some of these areas can be rebuilt in a few years and some like in the case of volcano's, earthquakes and floods, rebuilding is not an option and the former residence must relocate.



Now this problem becomes the solution. There is no doubt that a person that looses a 200,000.00 home to a flood is going to want to move into a depresses neighborhood for the sake of rebuilding it. However, it is reasonable to conclude that a person in that scenario would consider a 200k to 250k home in a neighborhood designed for their previous lifestyle.



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