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                                 Medical  Disruptive Technologies



Mission: To Bring the best options of health and wellness to all people world wide.

Health & Wellness


Health and wellness is a topic that will affect every living being. In the world we live in, having good health has implications that are paramount and not only affect us individually, but has family and community implications as well. In the United States the cost of health care and how it is provided has been a continuing saga for past 50 years. If you are an American citizen you may have noticed how the system itself is design maintain a patient, far over the cure of a patient. This maintenance often allows for drug companies and doctors to treat and dose symptoms for decades till the patient ultimately dies or finds a remedy outside of the prescribed course of action.

At the International elevated thought conference, our position is not to ridicule or degrade the doctors, nurses or any medical service provider. Like in any other country or profession they have to work within the legal and traditional guidelines of their profession. So, with these natural barriers in place, our first step is not to pretend that we have all of the answers or even half of them.


We do recognize that our system in the United States is both superior and inferior to that of other nations, depending upon the comparable nation or system. So, what we want to do is immediately figure out ways to bring the best of what the world has to offer to as many people as possible. We recognize that in some places these medical process, medication, remedies and procedures will be looked on as disruptive, but our goal is to heal the sick an shut in and to provide for the ongoing health and wellness of our brothers and sisters wherever they may be.


We also recognize that there are medications that are developed and drug companies want to recoup their research dollars, this also applies to procedures and devices, and so while we work to heal the world, we don’t want to kill the technologies that will be developed to service future generations. So if you are reading this and trying to decide if it will be worth your time to participate, take a moment and check your health. If you are feeling fine, think of your family and friends or just the future. There will come a time in all of our lives where will need to recover, heal or pass on with dignity. So, what we offer is a platform to discover the latest procedures, medications and the most successful practitioners in the world for what might ill you one day.


International Elevated Thought Conference 2017