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The following is a list of Israel’s latest medical achievements,

with thanks to Michael Ordman for his diligent research .T good news from Israel


By Michael Ordman


Israeli MRI detects brain damage earlier.  Researchers at Israel’s Ben Gurion University’s Brain Imaging Research Center have developed a method that can detect damage to the brain much earlier than previously thought.  Detection, soon after a trauma, means that the damage might still be reversible.,7340,L-4597206,00.html


Generic blood pressure treatment.  Israel’s Teva has launched a generic version of Exforge HCT – a popular treatment of high blood pressure.  Teva’s generic products save money for patients and health services.


Life expectancy rises again.  In Israel in 2013, men had an average life expectancy of 80.3 years while women had 83.9 – an increase of nearly five months for men and three months for women in comparison to 2012.


50,000 wear Israeli remedial shoes.  Israel’s AposTherapy has developed a treatment for knee and back pain using unique individually calibrated shoes. AposTherapy currently treats 50,000 patients and has just raised $15 million to help expand its business in the US market.


New test for foreign matter in lungs.  (Thanks to San Diego Jewish World) Scientists at Tel Aviv University have developed a new technique for detecting hazardous particles in the lungs.  The test can be used in emergencies such as fire rescues or as a warning of high pollution levels.


New cancer center is a communal success. The Emek Medical Center in Afula, Israel is one of many successful stories showing how ethnic groups in Israel can successfully work side by side.  Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druze raised funds together for a new cancer center, via an inspiring radio campaign.





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