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How Can I Get a Job With FEMA As a Temporary Disaster Relief Worker?


by Cynthia Myers

FEMA steps in to help after a natural disaster.

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When a hurricane, flood or tornadoes destroy property and leave people in need, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) responds to help clean up, provide temporary housing, clothing and food and other resources. FEMA also offers temporary jobs to locals who work to help their fellow disaster survivors. These temporary positions last from 120 days up to a year and preference in filling the jobs is given to those who have suffered losses in the disaster.

Finding a Job


When FEMA needs temporary workers, the agency announces job openings on the website, on local job boards and in the local paper. For instance, after flooding in Illinois in the spring of 2013, local papers ran articles about the need for temporary FEMA workers. If you live in an area where FEMA is providing aid after a disaster, contact the FEMA office for your region and ask if they're hiring temporary local help. You'll find information about FEMA's regional offices on the FEMA website.

Type of Work


FEMA hires temporary workers to perform office work such as data entry and accounting, as well as field work in construction or even traffic control. As a temporary FEMA employee, you might help your neighbors apply for federal disaster aid or you might dig ditches and cut tree limbs. Most jobs are full time.



To work for FEMA, you must be a United States citizen and at least 18 years old. You must have graduated from high school or possess a General Educational Development (GED) certificate. For some positions, you'll have to pass a criminal background check. Some jobs may have specialized requirements, such as a background in accounting or historic preservation. Preference is given to disaster victims and veterans. The job listing provides all the requirements for each open job.



On the website, create an account and upload your resume. Select the job you're interested in and complete the application. Indicate if you're a veteran and note if you're a local resident. Submit your application and wait for a call. You should receive a confirmation notice when your application is received. You can return to the website to check the progress of your application status.



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