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Community Development Disruptive Technologies


Mission: To develop a platform to revitalize neighborhoods and communities world wide.



As we take a look communities throughout the United States we are faced with the realization that we are spoiled for choice. We have everything, rich and poor in every color, socially partitioned to ethnicity or country of origin, and communities were everyone from everywhere just live and enjoy the diversity in foods, music and cultures. We also find communities that are so depressed that they are literally being overrun by abandoned burned out building and over growth of weeds and other vegetation. Obviously, the communities that are doing well are the ones that we want to look at for guidance and the ones that are experiencing loss of population are the ones that need to be addressed.



Operating under the premise that it is far less expensive to rebuild neighborhoods that have simply been abandoned than to clear trees, lay new sewers and other public utilities build from scratch and sell all new. Even if part of the reconstitution includes the upgrading of utility services such as buried power lines and upgrades to sewer and water taps the former neighborhoods are still faster to snap back into actual communities. These areas still have school systems, police and fire service as well as the inherent history that always lends itself to the revitalization of an area.



As an example, the City of East St. Louis, Illinois was at one time a booming sister city of St. Louis, Missouri. With over 45,000 in residence primarily being supported by mills, stockyards and service work to its sister city.  The story after has been played out in towns all over America, Rev. Dr. martin Luther King was killed and riots changed the atmosphere in the community. White flight ensued and the city government took over 30 years and the loss of over 20,000 residents to start to address the ills of the city. Many cities all over America and other cities all over the world have the same host of common problems, lack of public services, lack of community planning, lack of continuity of services and the loss of faith in government.



Our hope is to develop a cure to fallen or broken cities, a cure that can be easily replicated and so attractive that when the examples of its success is revealed it become the redevelopment trend of the age. This solution is not only a way for people all over the world to upgrade their lifestyles and living conditions, but a way to quickly reconstitute troubled neighborhoods.


International Elevated Thought Conference 2017