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WHAT IS International Elevated Thought Conference?


We are a Think Tank.


By definition: We identify problems that adversely affect people of all types and from anywhere in the world. We crowd source new solutions for problems and disseminate proven solutions through a global network of conference members.  Anyone with a heart or the desire to support our efforts to actually solve problem are welcome to the conference. Our organization is a for-profit organization, with an associations with non-profits and other for-profit organizations that share our goals.


Our operation is slightly different from others in that we take on long term and short term issues in everything from the common cold, to racial injustice to creative banking. The essence of our organization is solution based. This translates to actual cures to diseases, actual homes under construction, actual water wells being drilled and actual communities being revitalized.  And even though we are a for-profit company our goal for this model is to attract investors to accelerate projects with steak holders and then to spread solutions as far and wide as possible.


We observe that as you travel from city to city it is easy to see how some town are 20 to 100 years ahead or behind others. These differences are reflected in everything from utility technologies to education and communications. We want to bring the best of what the world has to offer in solutions to everyone who needs them. An example might be food refrigeration in India and Africa to medicine delivery in Costa-Rica and Cuba. Believe it or not there are still places with no INTERNET access which clearly limits both education and entertainment.


Also, as many other Think Tanks we can provide public or private consultancy, policy advisory services an political analysis and influence, we are fully digital with the latest in communications and with the ability and will to collaborate with other organizations and individuals of integrity.


The International Elevated Thought Conference is one of the newest and most creative non-partisan public policy think tanks in the world. It is an independent, international and multi-lingual for –profit organization. The International Elevated Thought Conference was sparked by the principles and tenants of the Book Elevated Thought, written by its founder Devrick LaGrone in 2006. The think tank was created to be an independent and autonomous institution “designed for the times we live in”. The think tank is designed to be a crowd-sourced / open-sourced institution with a cap of 5 million members and designed to be an institute for public research, development and policy whose work will be available to all governments and all mankind.


The conference was founded in 2017 and is based in St. Louis, Missouri - United States of America. Devrick LaGrone is the current President and Chairman of the Board of Directors. The Think Tank does direct action in assisting individuals and organizations that work toward the betterment of the human condition. It has 4 primary areas of interest were it distributes disruptive technologies in health and wellness, science and technology, social issues and community development. Direct action is done in the form of providing what is needed through the network of members. It may come in the form of C-level counseling, professional services, administrative services like web development or referrals or in policy papers, research or events or conferences.


The International Elevated Thought Conference has been described as an international network marketing company that sells “saving the world”. Because the organization is still in its infancy it is still being funded it is seeking an endowment and other funding sources to fund the exciting projects already on the books. It conference is also currently seeking independent research commissions and other governmental funding in the areas of community development and social recovery and medical research. At the first of 2018 the Conference will seek crowd funding for a minimum of one million dollars. The IETC is financed by an endowment from its founder.


The International Elevated Thought Conference’s current agenda is focused on the rebuilding on abandoned neighborhoods, the curing of at least one decease each year and the creation of an international network to spread the vital and life enhancing information it gathers in its research.






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